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The College offers programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication, Communication Research, Film, and Journalism. The CMC Departments of Broadcast Communication, Journalism, and Communication Research are designated as Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Centers of Excellence.

Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication

The undergraduate program leading to a BA in Broadcast Communication recognized by the Commision on Higher Education (CHED) as a Center of Excellence in Broadcasting seeks to provide students with the requisite training to become future broadcast practitioners who are competent, critical, and responsible.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research

Being a CHED Center of Excellence in Communication, the program is a showcase of tertiary education in the fields of media and communication in the country. It seeks to develop scholarship, skills, and proficiency among its students by teaching and conducting communication research and by grounding these with practical experience through fieldwork and internship.

Bachelor of Arts in Film

The Film program aims to contribute to the development of a genuinely Filipino national cinema by producing graduates with a well-rounded liberal arts education as well as creative and technical skills and social responsibility. It is designed to encompass all aspects of film.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

The Journalism program, the oldest in the college, gives students a strong grounding in the arts and sciences and equips them with skills currently required by the profession.


The College offers graduate studies leading to the degrees of Master of Arts in Media Studies with specialization in Broadcast and Film, Master of Arts in Journalism, Master of Arts in Communication, Doctor of Philosophy in Communication, and Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies.

Admission  to  any  of  the  above-mentioned  graduate  programs  is guided by the University’s General Rules for Graduate Programs in U.P. Diliman and the College’s Guidelines for Master’s Degree Programs and Guidelines for Doctoral Programs.

Master of Arts in Communication

The program provides a comprehensive and innovative advancement of communication as an academic discipline and professional field of study. It seeks to develop critical inquiry and high-level research by striking a balance between communication research theory and practice.

Master of Arts in Journalism

Formerly known as MA Media Studies (Journalism), the MA Journalism program is focused on how news gathering, writing, and development shape the socio-economic-cultural-political consciousness of the people and how these forces, in turn, shape journalism.

Master of Arts in Media Studies (Broadcast)

Media Studies is an area of intellectual discourse that produces knowledge about the vast array of evolving global and local technologies, economies, and powers that affect the way people communicate. The MA Media Studies (Broadcast) program is focused on how the broadcast media affect the socio-economic-cultural-political life of the people and how these forces in turn shape the media.

Master of Arts in Media Studies (Film)

The MA Media Studies (Film) program acknowledges the extensive impact of Film and its immense popular appeal. The program provides scholars with a means of closely inspecting and evaluating film as a complex social, cultural, and industrial phenomenon. It also focuses on the study of film vis-à-vis the increasingly urgent issues of globalization and new media technologies. It seeks to instill increased professionalization in Philippine film practice and upgrade local film scholarship.

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Communication program aims to provide advanced graduate training in theory, research, policy, planning, and management which would enable qualified students to carry out independent research in communications and related disciplines and to pursue careers in academic, government, and private communication media agencies and communication-related institutions. It offers a platform to attain distinction in the field of communication for professionals in the communication discipline and related fields.

Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Media Studies aims to produce new critical knowledge about the media through an emphasis on theorizing about media and culture. The program is designed to produce media teachers and critics who will raise the level of understanding of the part of the media in contemporary lives. By acquiring and producing new knowledge about the media through the program, these teachers and scholars will provoke critical discussions and discourses about the media in their particular locations, be they the academic milieu or the arena of media practice.

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