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This course will help you understand the Heat Index (HI), monitoring HI, and the step-by-step mapping process of the heat index shown on the website. 

The training course on PUMIS User Training (Updating of Metadata) for Agromet Field Stations shall equip the field personnel on updating the station metadata through the use of PUMIS web portal.  

CLIMATOLOGY II - is about CLIMATE MONITORING AND PREDICTION.  It is a 2-unit subject that will help you deepen your understanding of the fundamental concepts of climatology, climate monitoring and assessment,  drought monitoring, learn and apply tools and methods for sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting,  managing climate risk using climate risk management tools, understand general circulation and processes leading to climate variability and change. You will also learn to describe and use products and services based on different climate information. 

Here is the course outline: 

  • Refresher/Review of Climatology I
  • Climate dynamics: Climate variability, ENSO/Teleconnections
    • IAV, ISV, Drought, climate extremes (Relate ENSO or other large scale phenomena to local?)
  • Climate Monitoring
    • Monsoon monitoring (ONSET and termination?)
    • ENSO monitoring (SST and SOI?)
    • ASEAN climate monitoring (MJO and ASIAN MONSOON, IOD?)
    • Climate monitoring diagnostic tool (hands-on lab)
    • Monitoring Drought
  • Climate Prediction
    • Forecast Methods
    • Downscaling methods
    • Forecast Types
    • Forecast Tools (Hands-on lab)
    • Forecast Validation/Verification/Skill Metrics
  • Climate Risk Management, CCA, Communicating climate information/forecast/services to user group
    • User-interface platforms (UIPs)
    • Drought Outlook
    • Climate Risk Assessment and Management (CLIRAM) Tool 

This training course intends to help the participants to apply the PAGASA weather information in farming activities and decisions so that they can learn how to manage weather and climate risks. Among the topics included in the course are:
 · Farm Weather Products and Services
· Payong PAGASA Mobile Application
· Simplified PAGASA Products and Services through KlimAgrikultura

The DOST-PAGASA Climate Information for Local Climate Change Adaptation Workshop is a five-day series of lectures and workshops organized under the CWRF Project, to educate local government units about the science of climate change and empower them in utilizing climate tools and products for their local adaptation plans.

This is a three-day course designed to cater to PAGASA researchers to help conceptualize research papers for publication in a peer-review science journal. Topics in research writing (i.e., Criteria for a good research paper, Writing style, Titles and abstracts, Organization and narrative, Data presentation, etc.) and publishing (i.e., Selecting a journal, Paper submission, Understanding peer review, The editorial process, etc.) will be presented by guest lecturers with extensive experience in publishing and managing research in the atmospheric sciences.

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