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Media Studies is an area of intellectual discourse that produces knowledge about the vast array of evolving global and local technologies, economies, and powers that affect the way people communicate. The MA Media Studies (Broadcast) program is focused on how the broadcast media affect the socio-economic-cultural-political life of the people and how these forces in turn shape the media.

Master of Arts in Media Studies (Broadcast)
42 units
120th Special UPD UC : 02 April 2012 | President AEPascual : 31 May 2012
First Year
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Media 210 3 Media 230 3
Media 220 3 B Course 2 3
B 201 3 B Course 3 3
B Course 1 3 Free Elective 1 3
Second Year
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Media 240 3 Media 300 6
B Course 4 3
Free Elective 2 3
Free Elective 3 3
Comprehensive Examination

  1. Free Elective is any graduate course which may be taken in any department / institute of CMC and in other colleges of the university.
  2. B 206 (Comparative Laws and Policies in Broadcast Media) and B 210 (The Producer and the Creative Process) are required Admission courses for those without broadcasting background. A student cannot take higher Broadcast courses without first passing these additional courses. However, s/he may take Media Studies courses and Free Electives (except Broadcast courses) together with the aforementioned courses.
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