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The MA Media Studies (Film) program acknowledges the extensive impact of Film and its immense popular appeal. The program provides scholars with a means of closely inspecting and evaluating film as a complex social, cultural, and industrial phenomenon. It also focuses on the study of film vis-à-vis the increasingly urgent issues of globalization and new media technologies. It seeks to instill increased professionalization in Philippine film practice and upgrade local film scholarship.

The program’s courses operate on the principle of praxis, wherein theory courses are tempered by the possibilities of real-life applications, and production courses draw from and return to philosophical issues in the conception and evaluation of projects.

Master of Arts in Media Studies (Film)
39 units
120th Special UPD UC : 02 April 2012 | President AEPascual : 31 May 2012
First Year
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Media 210 3 Media 230 3
Media 220 3 Media 250 3
Film 201 3 Film 220 3
Free Elective 1 3 Film 270 3
Second Year
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Film 230 3 Media 300 6
Film 299 3
Film Elective 3
  1. Students who are not a graduate of BA Film are required to take Film 110 (Basic B and W Photography), Film 102 (History of Philippine Cinema), and Film 131 (Narrative Film).
  2. Required Media Courses are the following: Media 210 (Media Theory), Media 230 (Media Ethics), Media 220 (Media Literacy), and Media 250 (Political Economy of Media).
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