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On 19 June 1965 Republic Act No. 4379 was passed providing for the establishment of the University of the Philippines Institute of Mass Communication (UP IMC). Dr. Gloria D. Feliciano was appointed Director, and later Dean, of the Institute. UP IMC was formally established as a non-academic unit on 23 August 1966 offering Journalism courses leading to the AB Journalism degree.

In School Year (SY) 1966-67, the AB Broadcast Communication and the MA programs were instituted. It was also in May 1967 that the Institute graduated its first batch of students consisting of nine (9) AB Journalism majors.

By 09 September 1969, the Institute had transferred from the College of Arts and Sciences to Plaridel Hall.

The third undergraduate program of IMC, AB Communication Research, was instituted on 07 April 1975. Seven years later, in SY 1982-83, the PhD in Communication program was instituted. It was also during this time that the merging of the three undergraduate programs into one BA in Communication program with major in any of the three old programs (Journalism, Broadcast Communication, Communication Research) was undertaken. Likewise the three Master of Arts programs were merged into one MA in Communication program and students could major in Broadcast Communication, Journalism, or Communication Research.

In SY 1984-85, the Film and Audiovisual Communication program was added to the Institute’s undergraduate course offerings.

The reactivation of the DZUP under the management of the Institute happened on 01 December 1987.

On 28 April 1988, almost 23 years after it was established, the UP IMC was elevated to college status by the UP Board of Regents; and became the UP College of Mass Communication (CMC).

In 2001, the Broadcast Communication and Journalism programs changed the degree name from MA Communication to MA Media Studies to give emphasis to the study of media as a consciousness industry and as a cultural practice. In 2002, the Film Institute introduced Film as a new area of specialization under the MA Media Studies program.

It was also in 2002 that BA Broadcast Communication and BA Journalism were instituted as separate programs. BA Film was also instituted.

On 31 May 2012, the Master of Arts in Journalism was instituted as a separate Master of Arts program. In the same year, on 30 September, the Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies was instituted as the second offering under the College’s graduate program.

With its recent programs, the College of Mass Communication clearly continues to set milestones in the history and development of the scholarly pursuit of understanding media and communication in the lives of Filipinos today.

UP CMC exists primarily to inculcate and foster awareness of the ethical and social significance of, as well as responsibility in, the use of interpersonal and mass media including the press, radio, television, film, and new technological resources.

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