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The UP CMC envisions a society that is egalitarian, participative, and progressive through the development of media that is:

  • Socially responsible, critical and vigilant;
  • Liberative and transformative; and
  • Free and independent.


To fulfill this vision, the UP CMC shall:

  1. Pursue excellence in transformative media studies and cultural works, the generation of relevant knowledge, and the development of professionalism among faculty, students, and communication and media practitioners;
  2. Develop and strengthen linkages with different sectors and media literacy, and people empowerment; and
  3. Provide the critical voice that promotes and safeguards the freedom and independence, and responsibility of media.


To realize this mission, the CMC and its departments shall:

  1. Continually evaluate and upgrade curricula and pedagogy;
  2. Develop and support a program for research and creative production;
  3. Develop and support a publication program;
  4. Implement a program for faculty, student, staff, and organizational development;
  5. Develop linkages with various sectors through outreach programs servicing the communication- and media-related needs of the society;
  6. Initiate discussion and take action on communication- and media-related issues in society;
  7. Establish, maintain, and upgrade the requisite infrastructure to support the above goals; and
  8. Establish and ensure fiscal independence by aggressively developing resource generation programs.

*Approved during the UP CMC Curriculum Workshop on 04-06 January 2001 at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City

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