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TV and Radio Studios

The radio and television studios of the Broadcast Department are adequately equipped for instructional purposes. There are separate facilities for radio and television productions. The radio studio is acoustically designed and has its own multi-recording system. The television studio comes with its own production floor space, control room, dressing room and spinner’s booth. The TV studio has a complete set of audio-visual production equipment, including editing facilities for post-production applications.

The Beltran Newsroom

A facility for the individual training of Journalism students in newspaper lay-out and processing, this electronic newsroom has been in use since 1994, equipped with 10 Pentium computers, one HP Laserjet printer, and one scanner. This newsroom was endowed to the college by the family of the late journalist, Prof. Luis Beltran.

The Film Studios

The Film and Audio-visual Communication (FAVC) Department maintains film and video equipment, including a photo laboratory with darkroom facilities. Equipment is available for Super 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Hi-8 video production, and personal computers for animation and digital post production. Films are processed and edited at the laboratory of the Philippine Information Agency.

The INTEL Animation Laboratory

The world’s largest computer chip manufacturer linked with the FAVC in 1999 to establish this laboratory of five interconnected high-powered computers designed to improve the hands-on teaching of digital animation.

The Communication Research Laboratory

Among the projects of the Communication Research Department as a Center of Excellence of the Commission on Higher Education is the establishment of this Laboratory which serves as a venue for computer classes as well as a repository for communication databases.

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