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The College library has an extensive, up-to-date collection of books and periodicals on communication, media and related disciplines. The collection is particularly storng in the areas of broadcasting, film, journalism, communication research, advertising, telecommunications, new media, desktop publishing, popular culture, gender studies, critical theory, and cultural studies.

Other types of materials in the collection are newspaper clippings, vertical files, student theses, faculty researches, videotape sof foreign and local films, student video productions, audio cassette tapes, compact discs for music and sound effects. Its audio visual equipment includes TV monitors, video players (Beta, VHS, CD), cassette tap players.recorders, and computers, As of August 1999m the college library collection totaled over 25,000 volumes of books, 950 periodical titles, 500 videotapes and compact discs. Each department also maintains its own collection of books and other reference materials

The library has acquired the collections of former Dean Gloria Feliciano, Armando Malay and I.P. Soliongco.

The radio and television studies are adequately equipped for instructional purposes. There are audio facilities, television monitors, cameras, video recorders, slide and graphic projectors, and lighting equipment with control panel.

The College also has a state of the art electronic newsroom with advanced computers for the individual training of journalism students in newspaper lay out an processing, with provisions for future expansion. All five college departments are wired to DILNET.

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